Case Studies

Firing of MSAR® on 340MWe boiler at Karlshamn Power Plant


The plant is located on the south coast of Sweden and is operated by Karlshamn Kraft AB, part of E.ON Utility Group. The plant has been operating since the early 1970`s and primarily as a peak shaving and reserve facility for when there was insufficient hydro and nuclear capacity within the Swedish system.

The plant comprises of three oil-fired 340MWe Units and MSAR® tests were performed on Unit 3.  Unit 3 is retrofitted with Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP), a Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD) system and a Selective Catalytic Reducing (SCR) system for NOx emission control.

The existing fuel system was adapted for MSAR® and a total of 700m³ was manufactured at the Power Plant, prepared and stored in one of the Unit 3 day tanks prior to testing.


Conclusions of MSAR® tests

Fuel Handling & Combustion Performance

  • Modified fuel delivery system to boiler worked as expected.
  • All control systems worked as expected.
  • MSAR® was fired using both existing HFO burner nozzles and new nozzles.
  • Temperature set point adjusted to circa 60°C, compared to over 100°C for HFO.
  • Very good fuel burn-out was achieved.
  • No evidence of residual fuel char/soot.

Emissions & Performance

  • Maximum sustainable load achievable.
  • Average excess oxygen content at high load was <0.9% (HFO typical value up to 1.2%), with CO below detectable limits.
  • NOx levels upstream of the deNOx SCR system were over 50% lower compared with HFO (125ppm compared to 270ppm) with no issues reported.
  • No change in plume appearance, indicating minimal SOin stack gases.
  • DeSOx (FGD) systems performed as normal.
  • Boiler gas exit temperatures and gas weights slightly higher due to fuel water.