Mike Kirk
Quadrise Fuels International plc

We continue to believe that our MSAR® technology has significant potential and we are developing opportunities across a number of markets, including power, marine, petrochemical and upstream,  in order to realise this.

What We Do

Creating value from the bottom of the crude oil barrel has typically been achieved through large, complex, capital intensive solutions.

Quadrise has developed an innovative and disruptive technology solution, Multiphase Superfine Atomised Residue (“MSAR®”), which through the application of existing technology, novel chemistry and unparalleled application experience, has created an enhanced emulsified synthetic heavy fuel oil (“HFO”) for marine bunker, power and industrial applications.  Novel chemistry and IP is supplied by our technology partner Nouryon.

Key members of the experienced Quadrise team were instrumental in the commercialisation of Orimulsion®, an oil-in-water emulsion fuel manufactured in Venezuela using indigenous bitumen.  This established a proven market for emulsion fuels for power generation applications, with over 60 million tons consumed worldwide.

Quadrise Aerial picture of Cepsa plot
Quadrise MSAR® plant in Spain.


MSAR® technology enables refiners to generate higher value from the bottom of the barrel through the use of proprietary, non-polluting, modular blending systems that can be installed in under 12 months.  It enables viscous refinery residues to be mixed with small amounts of specialist chemicals and water to create an emulsified HFO – freeing up valuable distillates, that are otherwise downgraded by their use as diluents to produce conventional HFO from residues, significantly improving refinery yields.

Quadrise is a technology licensor and integrator, responsible for developing bespoke MSAR® solutions for refinery residual oils at R&D facilities in the UK and Sweden, and project managing MSAR® conversion projects at major refineries, marine vessels and power plants from feasibility studies through  to commercial fuel production and consumption.

Quadrise Research Facility.