Patrick Brunelle
Head of RDI & Quality
Quadrise Fuels International plc

MSAR® technology is supplied to oil refiners under license by Quadrise, using chemicals and expertise from Nouryon.


NOURYON (formerly AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals)

MSAR® technology is supplied to oil refiners under license by Quadrise, using chemicals supplied exclusively by Nouryon, a world leader in surface chemistry. This ensures that the technology is able to produce cost competitive and highly stable oil-in-water MSAR® fuels to meet the specific transportation, storage and application requirements from virtually any oil refinery residual or heavy crude oil streams.

Quadrise has worked jointly with AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals since 2004.  Our agreements, now under the exciting new Nouryon brand, cover opportunities worldwide with respect to exclusive commercial additive supply and joint RDI and sharing of IP developed as appropriate.


Quadrise as integrator

Nouryon and Quadrise have a mutual interest in commercialising the MSAR® business, with each party bringing complementary skill sets to project development. Nouryon provides expertise in additives and formulation chemistry, whilst Quadrise brings the specific application expertise required for an MSAR® fuel project through the alignment of producers (oil refineries) and consumers (e.g. power generators, industrial users or marine operators).

"We have been working with Quadrise for many years and we are pleased to be able to continue supporting their progression.  The extension of these contracts builds our long-standing partnership which has delivered significant technical progress. It is also a great example of how Nouryon is able to deliver a unique, customised surfactant system, that underpins Quadrise's proprietary MSAR® fuel technology that delivers significant benefits for existing producers and users of fuel oils." 

Dr Staffan Asplund, Technical Director at Nouryon



Quadrise has a Co-Marketing and Project Development Agreement (“CMPDA”) with Freepoint Commodities LLC (“Freepoint”).

Freepoint, which is based in Stamford, Connecticut, is both an established global merchant of physical commodities and a financer of upper and mid-stream commodity-producing assets.  Freepoint also provides physical supply services and related structured solutions for counterparties located throughout the world.  Freepoint was launched in 2011, with private equity backing from Stone Point Capital.

Under the CMPDA Quadrise and Freepoint are working together to progress MSAR® projects to long-term commercial agreements for the production and supply of MSAR® fuel to defined territories and counterparties in the Americas, the Middle East and Asia on an exclusive basis.

The preferred business model for both parties under the CMPDA is to ‘Build Own and Operate’ (“BOO”) production facilities jointly, to purchase residual streams under long-term contracts from a refiner and enter into back to back contracts with other counterparties for the supply of MSAR® fuels.  Financial returns under the CMPDA are based on the respective party’s contributions to bringing the project to fruition.

In addition, there may be circumstances where a decision is taken by both parties to pursue an MSAR® project on a tolling or licensing basis and the CMPDA defines the relevant participation of the parties in those circumstances.

“Freepoint has been impressed with the team at Quadrise and I am pleased that we have been able to conclude the CMPDA.  We see extensive potential in deploying Quadrise’s MSAR® technology to add value for the benefit of our customers, and we look forward to working with Quadrise to advance projects where MSAR® has clear economic and environmental advantages over existing fuel sources.” 

David Messer, Chief Executive Officer of Freepoint



Quadrise (“QFI”) has a Memorandum of Agreement ("MOA") with JGC Corporation ("JGC").

JGC is one of the world's leading engineering contractors and Japan's largest, providing a wide range of engineering, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance, and planning and investment services to major corporate and governmental customers throughout the world.

JGC act as QFI's exclusive partner to work with prospective producers and consumers of MSAR® in Japan, Colombia, Peru and elsewhere on a case-by-case basis to jointly develop commercial MSAR® projects.

This agreement provides QFI with access to JGC's extensive network of long-term relationships within the refining, marine and power industries to develop potential commercial opportunities for the production and use of MSAR®.

"We are pleased to have reached agreement with QFI.  Access to their MSAR® technology will enable JGC to offer its clients a cost-effective and environmentally beneficial alternative to HFO that can be implemented rapidly.  We look forward to working with QFI and building what we expect to be a significant new business stream."

Takashi Yasuda, Senior Executive Officer of JGC's Technology Innovation




Quadrise (“QFI”) has a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") with YTL PowerSeraya Pte Limited ("YTLPS").

YTLPS is one of Singapore's leading energy companies and in 2005 converted 750MWe of thermal boiler generation capacity on Jurong Island to flexible multi-fuel operation, including the ability for the multi-fuel operation to use up to 1.8 million tons per annum of oil-in-water emulsion fuel.

The MOU capitalises on QFI's comprehensive knowledge of oil refining, emulsion fuel production, logistics and combustion and YTLPS contribute their extensive energy trading, logistics, project management and power generation experience to seek to progress an MSAR® supply project for YTLPS. Should the investigation pursuant to the MOU lead to the joint confirmation of viable MSAR® fuel supply opportunities, YTLPS and QFI intend to progress to a commercial phase in which MSAR® fuel is used in Singapore on thermal boilers on a competitive basis.

"We are confident that with the combination of QFI's MSAR® technology and fuel experience, and YTLPS's market-leading energy trading, project and power generation experience, we will be able to progress an MSAR® supply project for YTLPS.  The project aims to capitalise on favourable 2020 energy pricing opportunities for MSAR® versus other fuels in Singapore and the region, and we are in discussions with potential refinery candidates for MSAR® production and supply."

Mike Kirk, QFI Executive Chairman




Quadrise has a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with API POLY-GCL Alliance Limited ("API POLY-GCL") to pursue commercial opportunities involving the production and supply of MSAR® fuel  in China  for  marine, power and industrial fuel consumers.

API POLY-GCL is a project origination and development company in the downstream oil, gas and power sectors both in China and globally and is an alliance between Ample Power Investments Limited ("API") of the British Virgin Islands and POLY-GCL Petroleum Group Holdings Limited of Hong Kong.

POLY-GCL Petroleum Group Holdings Limited is a partnership between China's POLY Group and Golden Concord Holdings Ltd ("GCL"). GCL is one of the top 500 companies in China, with over 300,000 employees and holdings in four business units covering Power, Oil & Gas, Photo-Voltaics and Finance.

"API POLY-GCL see significant potential for Quadrise's MSAR® technology to add value to our power generation assets and downstream offering. We look forward to working with Quadrise to progress projects in a rapidly growing economy that is keen for energy efficiency and cleaner energy, where MSAR® technology and fuel offers material economic and environmental advantages."

Alvin Yip, Co-Chairman & CEO of API POLY-GCL




Quadrise has a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") with Bitumina Industries Limited ("Bitumina UK"), represented by Bitumina General Trading LLC of Dubai ("Bitumina").

The Bitumina Group, led by Dr Bernd Schmidt, was founded nearly 100 years ago and is a world leader in producing, trading and supplying a wide range of bitumen products for use in road construction. The Bitumina Group also has a business in Denmark that manufactures and sells colloidal mills and plants for bituminous products and road emulsion production, similar to the unit used for MSAR® manufacture. 

Under the MOU Quadrise and Bitumina will work together on an exclusive basis to seek to progress selected MSAR® project opportunities in the Commonwealth of Independent States (including Russia), Poland, Romania, and Vietnam to commercial agreements for the production and supply of MSAR® fuel.

"Bitumina see extensive potential in deploying Quadrise's MSAR® technology to add value to our terminal assets and technology, and we look forward to working with Quadrise to advance projects where MSAR® has clear economic and environmental advantages over existing fuel sources and we believe that in combination with our assets and market knowledge, a solid commercialisation for production and distribution of competitive MSAR® products on a global scale can be achieved.  We are certain that MSAR® will be a highly viable fuel option for power and marine applications among others, especially post IMO 2020."

Dr Bernd Schmidt, Chairman & Managing Director of Bitumina




Quadrise has an Agency Agreement with Hawazin Regional Trading Company ("Hawazin") and a corresponding Memorandum of Understanding ("MoU") with Hawazin and Aleph. Hawazin is an investor and provider of expert services to the oil and gas industry in Kuwait, owned by Ahmad Al-Otaibi and Faisal Al-Kharafi, and is a major shareholder of Petroleum Dynamics Oil & Gas (“PetroDyn”).

Ahmad Al-Otaibi, has significant experience in the oil and gas sector in the Middle East and is President and CEO of Petrodyn.  Faisal Al-Kharafi is on the Executive Committee of M. A. Al-Kharafi & Sons (a multinational trading company with annual sales of over $5 billion) and Chairman of Al-Kharafi Construction KSCC.

The agreements define the structure through which Quadrise, Hawazin and Aleph will work to combine their expertise on an exclusive basis to fast-track MSAR® projects to long-term commercial agreements for the production and supply of MSAR® technology, services and fuel in Kuwait, a country covered by both the Co-Marketing and Project Development Agreement with Freepoint and the Kuwait Services Agreement with Aleph.

"Hawazin are pleased and honoured to be partnering with QFI for the introduction of MSAR® technology and business expansions in Kuwait. Hawazin and Quadrise have identified a number of opportunities in deploying MSAR® technology within Kuwait, where MSAR® has obvious economic and environmental advantages over existing fuel sources.  Looking at the upcoming growth in Kuwait oil, gas and petrochemicals markets, and the high regional demand for fuels, we believe that our cooperation will add significant value and a footprint in Kuwait that will enhance QFI's business in the region imminently.” 

Ahmad Al Otaibi and Faisal Al-Kharafi of Hawazin



Quadrise has a Services Agreement with Aleph Commodities Ltd ("Aleph") to pursue opportunities on behalf of Quadrise for the use of MSAR® in Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Aleph is a UK company that has been established recently by a small group of commodities traders with significant experience in the Middle East.  The agreement provides Aleph with a success-based incentive structure, with rewards only due upon delivering relevant disclosable project milestones and contracts that lead to the establishment of MSAR® projects and commercial sales in Kuwait (aligned with Hawazin and the Co-Marketing and Project Development Agreement with Freepoint) and KSA (in conjunction with the Al Khafrah Holding Group).



Quadrise has an agency agreement with Laqua S.A. de C.V. operating under the Redliner name in Mexico to fast-track potential MSAR® projects to long-term commercial agreements for the production and supply of MSAR® technology, services and fuel in Mexico.

Redliner is a company that has over 30 years of experience in industrial infrastructure rehabilitation in Mexico for the oil and gas, water, and chemical industries.  They import new technology into Mexico for applications where traditional methods have failed, and where performance and precision are paramount.  They have a range of leading partners throughout Europe and the USA and have worked in PEMEX (Petróleos Mexicanos) owned refineries located in Chiapas, Tabasco, Tamaulipas, Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Nuevo Leon and Guanajuato.

"Redliner are delighted to be representing Quadrise for the introduction of MSAR® technology and fuel to our clients in Mexico. QFI has already identified a number of opportunities for the deployment of MSAR® technology in the country, where MSAR® has obvious economic and environmental advantages over existing fuel oil sources.

Looking at the new directives issued by the Mexican government for the refining sector, and the resulting high demand for domestically produced fuels to reduce costly imports, we believe that our cooperation will rapidly add significant value to the country and enhance QFI's profile and business in the region.

We look forward to working closely with Quadrise and we are confident that MSAR® can be a highly attractive fuel option for the refinery sector and power generators in Mexico today."

Alejandro Rojas, Managing Director of Redliner



Al Khafrah Holding Group

Quadrise has a Memorandum of Agreement with the Al Khafrah Holding Group ("AKHG"), a company based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ("KSA") to exclusively progress and supply MSAR® projects for KSA. In addition, when contract terms are finalised for the first MSAR® installation in a major refinery for commercial supply of fuel to buyers in KSA, QFI and AKHG will form a joint venture company.

AKHG, chaired by Mubarak Al-Khafrah, is a private holding company established in 2008 that invests in KSA and internationally.  AKHG has a portfolio of 42 industrial companies employing around 45,000 people, with partners in the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors that include Air Liquide and Gulf Chemicals & Industrial Oils.

"We have a systematic and established screening process that looks at the merits of innovative industrialisation, proven technology, sustainable new ideas, maximised local content and fit with Vision 2030 for KSA.  Quadrise scored highly in all sectors and we have been extremely impressed with our dialogue with the QFI team, where we have rapidly established shared values, common goals and well defined objectives between us.

We are convinced that MSAR® technology and fuel offers great economic and environmental benefits for KSA at large.  The diligent work that Quadrise has carried out to date in KSA provides the platform that, together with the resources of the Al Khafrah Holding Group and our strategic initiatives in various sectors, should enable us to jointly secure commitments for the Proof of Concept trial and future commercial applications expediently to the benefit of Vision 2030 and KSA."

Emad Al Shamma, Chief Executive Officer of Al Khafrah Holding Group



Merlin Energy Resources Ltd

Quadrise has a Memorandum of Understanding with Merlin Energy Resources Limited ("Merlin"), an upstream oil and gas consultancy specialising in geological & geophysical Exploration and Production ("E&P") related services, through all phases of the E&P lifecycle, from exploration/appraisal and development through to commercialisation.

Quadrise and Merlin are working together to combine their respective expertise to jointly evaluate, develop and promote upstream heavy oil projects as relating to the application of MSAR® technology and Merlin's services and potential equity ownership by both companies in heavy oil assets.

"By combining Merlin's strategic and subsurface knowledge with Quadrise's MSAR® technology, we believe that there is the potential to yield a step change in applied heavy oil production. The delivery of efficient, more environmentally sustainable production and cleaner product is an important step forward for global energy production. We are therefore delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with Quadrise noting the signing of the MOU as a key step in our journey together."

Andrew Sims, Director of Merlin