Patrick Brunelle
Head of RDI & Quality
Quadrise Fuels International plc

MSAR® technology is supplied to oil refiners under license by Quadrise, using chemicals and expertise from AkzoNobel and intellectual property from the University of Surrey.


NOURYON (formerly AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals)

MSAR® technology is supplied to oil refiners under license by Quadrise, using chemicals supplied exclusively by Nouryon, a world leader in surface chemistry. This ensures that the technology is able to produce cost competitive and highly stable oil-in-water MSAR® fuels to meet the specific transportation, storage and application requirements from virtually any oil refinery residual or heavy crude oil streams.

Quadrise has worked jointly with AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals since 2004.  Our agreements, now under the exciting new Nouryon brand, cover opportunities worldwide with respect to exclusive commercial additive supply and joint RDI and sharing of IP developed as appropriate.


Quadrise as integrator

Nouryon and Quadrise have a mutual interest in commercialising the MSAR® business, with each party bringing complementary skill sets to project development. Nouryon provides expertise in additives and formulation chemistry, whilst Quadrise brings the specific application expertise required for an MSAR® fuel project through the alignment of producers (oil refineries) and consumers (e.g. power generators, industrial users or marine operators).

"We have been working with Quadrise for many years and we are pleased to be able to continue supporting their progression.  The extension of these contracts builds our long-standing partnership which has delivered significant technical progress. It is also a great example of how Nouryon is able to deliver a unique, customised surfactant system, that underpins Quadrise's proprietary MSAR® fuel technology that delivers significant benefits for existing producers and users of fuel oils." 

Dr Staffan Asplund, Technical Director at Nouryon



Quadrise has a Co-Marketing and Project Development Agreement (“CMPDA”) with Freepoint Commodities LLC (“Freepoint”).

Freepoint, which is based in Stamford, Connecticut, is both an established global merchant of physical commodities and a financer of upper and mid-stream commodity-producing assets.  Freepoint also provides physical supply services and related structured solutions for counterparties located throughout the world.  Freepoint was launched in 2011, with private equity backing from Stone Point Capital.

Under the CMPDA Quadrise and Freepoint are working together to progress MSAR® projects to long-term commercial agreements for the production and supply of MSAR® fuel to defined territories and counterparties in the Americas, the Middle East and Asia on an exclusive basis.

The preferred business model for both parties under the CMPDA is to ‘Build Own and Operate’ (“BOO”) production facilities jointly, to purchase residual streams under long-term contracts from a refiner and enter into back to back contracts with other counterparties for the supply of MSAR® fuels.  Financial returns under the CMPDA are based on the respective party’s contributions to bringing the project to fruition.

In addition, there may be circumstances where a decision is taken by both parties to pursue an MSAR® project on a tolling or licensing basis and the CMPDA defines the relevant participation of the parties in those circumstances.

“Freepoint has been impressed with the team at Quadrise and I am pleased that we have been able to conclude the CMPDA.  We see extensive potential in deploying Quadrise’s MSAR® technology to add value for the benefit of our customers, and we look forward to working with Quadrise to advance projects where MSAR® has clear economic and environmental advantages over existing fuel sources.” 

David Messer, Chief Executive Officer of Freepoint